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A story of science & NATURE


Meet kahina grant 

My name is Kahina and ever since I can remember I've wanted to be a chemist. When I was a child I used to mix up my little potions, always with the idea 'I wonder what would happen'. I took this passion, read, and learned until I was accepted into university on my dream course. After 4 years of study, I left university with a master's degree in chemistry, unsure of what to do, and how to utilise my talents in a way I was passionate about.

The past 3 years have caused us all to slow down, including myself after I had my son during lockdown one. This allowed me to put my talent into something I love and I've loved sharing it with you.

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our story

I studied for a Master's in chemistry, graduating in 2017, and returning to study for a PhD in chemical engineering in 2018. Toward the end of my first year, I found out I was pregnant with my first child. During this major change in my life, I moved back to my hometown of Leeds.

While I had every intention of returning to my PhD after navigating having a newborn in the pandemic, I found my priorities changed completely, ultimately leaving a few months after my return.

I struggled to practice self-care after having my son, and I also struggle with insomnia and 'painsomnia'. I have systemic lupus and have done since the age of 6, painsomnia is when pain prevents you from sleeping. My lupus means I experience a lot of pain and a lot of chronic fatigue, made worse by the issues surrounding sleep.

While lavender is the go-to for this, I became a lot more conscious of what I was putting into the air around him. My son was 6 weeks premature and has had minor breathing issues from the beginning. I decided to avoid the incense I have previously been using and decided to try candles.

I tried many candles in the first few months and found I wasn't getting a very good scent from them, and I wasn't feeling relaxed. To feel the effects, you need to be fully immersed in the scent. I decided to challenge myself to make my own candles that didn't contain the fillers used in many cheaper candles, realising due to my laboratory experience I probably had the skills, turns out I'm a natural.

In February 2021 Grants of Leeds was born with 2 scents of small candles. Since then I have expanded to include body candles, bubble candles, flag candles, wax melts, reed diffusers, and 18 different scents.

At the start of 2022, I had my son in nursery 3 days a week and spent around 2 days a week on Grants of Leeds, how that changed by the end of the year! In 2022 we attended so many events I lost count. We were all over our hometown of Leeds. Now I can say 'we' and mean more than just myself. My dad and my brother both stepped in to help from around June because on some days we had 2 events at once. They have both been instrumental in helping us grow, as have many others by supporting me with my son.

We also broke into other cities, this year we were in Manchester, Birmingham, Wetherby, and Newcastle. Our candles were included 3 shops and 3 or more events a month became normal. To every single person who shopped with us this year, shared our content, visit our website, thank you, you have helped us grow. Towards the end of the year, our candles were even stocked in a shop in London!

I continuously expanded the line and spent the year perfecting my craft. After a trip back to Jamaica (finally, post-COVID) I created the first of our flag candle line which has now expanded to include 10 countries, as well as other luxury candles, and a custom service. We even started shipping internationally for the first time!

As with many businesses, the cost of living crisis affected us too and towards the end of the year, I decided to return to full-time work. While this means I have to attend lfewerevents, iit'swhat's best for my family and I will still be here for you online. I have big plans for 2023, which I can't wait to share. Sign up to our site to hear first.


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