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They say the first is the hardest.

I've been wanting to write here for so long, but I've been scared that no one would read it!

I almost forgot that blogging is where I started making content.

So let's talk about the business. I started this business on the 10th of February 2021, the day after my birthday. It wasn't a fully fleshed idea, truly I had no plan, I just thought it was something I would be able to do given my chemistry background. I just wanted to make something of my own.

February 10th will make it 2 years since I started my business, and honestly, I can't believe it. I've perfected my craft during this time and I'm amazed at what I can produce now. In 2021 I never thought I would be making intricate flag-inspired candles, and beautifully crafted bodies and selling internationally. I've even grown so much I have outgrow my space at home (if you know anywhere I can get a room, let me know)

When I think back, I'm also amazed at the skills I've learned outside of candle-making. I learned how to do VAT returns. I've learned how to make some really stunning content, which is probably the bit I'm most proud of. I've learned web design, SEO, a little bit of graphic design, and even a little interior design! I've learned about fragrance notes, business skills, some law knowledge... the list is endless.

I have some even bigger ideas in store for 2023, and I can't wait to see how I learn more and what new things I can produce next year. Thanks for rocking with me for the last year and 9 months.

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